Anlio Resort and Cafe, Panglao Bohol

Arriving at Anlio Resort

We started our journey with excitement bubbling in our hearts. After a delicious lunch at Kainggit, we hit the road. My dad was at the wheel, and the mission was clear – finding the ideal place to stay. And guess what? We found our paradise – Anlio Resort, situated in Mariveles Dauis, right along the highway.

First Impressions

As we entered Anlio Resort, a world of colors greeted us – white, green, blue, and golden brown. It was like stepping into a dream. We chose a poolside room, and boy, were we in for a treat! The room was spacious, perfect for our family of six. It had a queen-sized bed and an extra single bed – just right for our needs. The bathroom was a marvel, featuring a beautifully designed washbasin, fluffy towels, a toilet with a bidet, and a refreshing hot and cold shower. Oh, and did I mention the funny moment when my baby sister decided to play hide and seek in the cabinet? (laughs)

Poolside Fun

While my siblings couldn’t wait to jump into the pool, I had to stay out this time due to some personal circumstances (and even mom had a laugh about it). Instead, I ordered a snack, found a comfy spot by the pool, and enjoyed watching them swim. The weather was perfect, making their splashes even more inviting. I snapped some photos to capture the memories and the beauty of the moment.

🎥 Relive the Adventure! 🌟 Watch our Anlio Resort getaway come to life in these video moments. Dive into the fun with us all over again! 🏊‍♂️☀️

Learning to Swim

My baby sister was the star of the pool. She was having a blast, and my dad took this opportunity to teach her how to hold her breath and swim. It was amazing to watch this brave little one fearlessly take on the water.

Capturing Memories

Before I end my mini vlog (yes, I’m vlogging too!), I wanted to share some of the photos I took around the resort. These pictures are more than just images; they’re moments frozen in time, memories we’ll treasure forever. I hope you enjoy scrolling through them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

And that’s a wrap on our fantastic family adventure at Anlio Resort. I hope this blog gives you a taste of the fun and joy we experienced during our stay. Whether you’re a kid like me or an adult planning a family getaway, Anlio Resort is a perfect choice. It’s a place where laughter echoes by the poolside, memories are made, and family bonds grow stronger. Until my next adventure, take care, and keep exploring! See you soon!