Our First Firefly Adventure at Abatan, Bohol Bee Farm

We visited Abatan, the Buzz of Bohol Bee Farm, for the first time to experience firefly watching with my family. It was a unique experience we couldn’t wait to share!

The Buzz Bohol Bee Farm is a familiar spot for us. We often visit the Buzz Restaurant whenever we’re in Bohol. But this time was different. We were excited to try the firefly watching tour at Abatan.

Here’s the video of our time at Abatan firefly watching!

As we arrived, we headed straight to the restaurant and ordered our meals. While waiting for our food, we explored the souvenir area filled with goodies from the farm. The restaurant offered a variety of delicious dishes, including spare ribs, pizza, cassava fresh lumpia, honey-glazed chicken, and spaghetti. Despite a sudden rain shower, we indulged in their homemade ice cream, made with natural ingredients and no preservatives.

Once the rain stopped, we decided to proceed with the firefly tour. Despite the drizzle, we were determined to experience it. Fireflies love mangrove trees along rivers, making the firefly river tour the best way to see them. Although the heavy rain had reduced the number of fireflies, we were still mesmerized by their glow in the dim light of the evening.

Due to the rain, we couldn’t see as many fireflies as we had hoped. Nonetheless, we were grateful for the opportunity to witness these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

Overall, our first firefly watching experience at Abatan, Bohol Bee Farm, was unforgettable. Despite the challenges posed by the weather, we cherished every moment spent together as a family, marveling at the wonders of nature.