The Charm of Villa Isabella Beach Resort


Join me, as I unfold the tales of our brief escapade to this tropical haven. In the heart of Samboan, Cebu, lies a coastal gem, Villa Isabella Beach Resort. Our journey began with a scenic five-hour drive, immersing ourselves in the picturesque landscapes leading to my hometown. Villa Isabella awaited us, standing as the perfect canvas for a joyful celebration by the beach. And by the way, we passed by the longest and tallest bridge in the country, the CCLEX, providing an breathtaking and exciting journey to our coastal paradise.

What’s a beach adventure without delicious food? Our culinary escapades centered around grilling; sinugbang baboy, sinugbang atay, and a delightful fish soup. The flavors mirrored the freshness of the sea, complemented by the skilled hands of Kuya Welfie, who expertly sliced our delectable spread. We’ve also got a delectable spread featuring lechon baboy, buttered shrimp, spaghetti, and, of course, a mouthwatering cake.

Meet my lively family, the heart of this adventure. Whether it was the giggles during the grilling session or the shy smiles during the birthday song, every moment radiated warmth. Even our furry companions, Wahe and Chelsea, added their own charm to the experience.

The true magic unfolded as we dipped our toes into the sea. From the buoyancy of the floaters to the carefree laughter, the seaside bonding was an unforgettable chapter. Aunt Evan’s soothing melodies and Uncle’s energetic dance moves added a vibrant rhythm to the beachy symphony.

For additional information on how to visit villa Isabella Beach Resort their exact Location is Barangay Ponong, Samboan, Cebu- 3 to 4 hours from Cebu City and you can also visit their facebook page.

As the waves whispered their goodbyes, our Villa Isabella escapade drew to a close. Through this blog, I aim to inspire fellow teens and adventure-seekers to embrace the wonders of travel, even in a quick getaway. Join me in the magic of Villa Isabella, and let’s keep the spirit of exploration alive!