North Zen Villas Halloween Adventure

North Zen Villas

I’ve uploaded a video on my YouTube channel under the name “Its Me Vina.” You can click on the video to watch it and make the experience more engaging for you. Join me on a thrilling Halloween adventure at North Zen Villas in Panglao, Philippines. Discover the spooky fun, exciting games, delicious buffet, and more in this journey through the heart of Halloween.

As Halloween approached, my excitement reached its peak as we prepared for a memorable adventure at North Zen Villas. Located in Barangay Doljo, Panglao, Philippines, this Halloween had us all in high spirits. We’d already paid an entrance fee of 7000 pesos for our group of 11, which included the kids, and it even covered a dinner buffet. Our first time at North Zen Villas promised to be a fantastic experience.

Halloween Activities and Excitement

As we approached the venue, our hearts raced with anticipation. North Zen Villas had planned an array of Halloween activities, and our group, including parents and kids, was eager to partake. Games and merriment were in the air, and we couldn’t wait to jump in. Even the youngest members of our group, like baby Elly and Erylle, were ready for action. I, along with my siblings, eagerly joined the festivities.

Spooky Bowling and Scary Bawbaws

The Halloween games kicked off with a fun round of spooky bowling. Laughter filled the air as we all took turns, and my baby Elly was an absolute trooper, even though he was the youngest. Afterward, we dove into the creative challenge of making our own scary bawbaws. Armed with piping bags filled with icing and various toppings, we designed the eeriest bawbaws we could muster. Congratulations to Kuya Niño, Erylle, and the Batman kid for crafting the creepiest creations.

Balloon-Popping and Candy Showers

Next on the agenda was balloon-popping madness. As we burst the balloons, they showered us with lots of candies. The joy and excitement in the crowd were obvious, and we reveled in the sweet rewards. But the excitement didn’t stop there.

Delicious Dinner Buffet

After working up an appetite with all the games, we gathered for a delicious dinner buffet. The delicious spread satisfied our hunger, and the dessert selection was a particular hit. I took some photos of the dishes. It was a feast worthy of Halloween!

Poolside Serenade

To cap off our unforgettable evening, we took a dip in the pool while a talented musician serenaded us with live guitar music. The hauntingly beautiful tunes added an extra layer of enchantment to our Halloween celebration.

Our Halloween adventure at North Zen Villas was a captivating blend of spooky thrills, delightful games, and scrumptious treats. It was a night filled with laughter, joy, and unforgettable memories. As we look back on our first visit to this magical place, we can’t wait to return for more incredible experiences.